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Cheerleader Makeup

Cheerleader Makeup

Cheerleader Makeup and Cosmetics

Our makeup is used by cheerleaders of all levels all across the country. Our face and body glitters and shimmer powders have gained extreme popularity with cheerleaders, performers, dance and drill teams. This is because our cosmetic glitters and shimmer powders are unique, versatile and gentle enough for the youthful skins of todays hard working girls..

Our mineral shimmer powders are made with 100% natural pigments. Our face and body glitters are made with the safest acrylic polymers, which are safe to wear on the face. This gives cheerleaders and performers the ability to create amazing and unique looks.

All our mineral shimmer powders can be used to create:

Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, Lipstick, Nail Polish, Bronzer, Hair Hilights and More. Learn How.

Our Specialty - All of our makeup is Customizable.

You create your own Face and Body Glitter Stacks, Shimmer Powder Stacks, Cosmetic Cases, Cosmetic Giftsets and Makeup Kits. You can include professional makeup brushes, mineral foundations, glitters, shimmers, eyelashes, eye jewels and decide. We will get your order, created it and ship it. It's that easy.

Cheerleaders and Dancers Love our makeup! We sell out at every show.