Colorloc Eyeliner, How To

Colorloc Eyeliner, How To

Product Details

With the right brushes/applicators and practice you can create precise and dramatic shimmer and glitter eyeliners that will last and wear for hours.

Disposable Eyeliner ApplicatorThe trick is to use a thin eyeliner brush to apply the mixture in very fine and measured amounts.

How to Create a Glitter Eyeliner with Colorloc
  • Dip the fine-tip point eyeliner brush (bristles) into the Colorloc gel.
  • Then dip the brush with the gel into the loose cosmetic glitter of your choice.
  • Place the mixture on a surface or use the back of your hand as a palette and mix thoroughly. If needed, dip the brush into glitter again to add more glitter to the mixture.
  • Apply the mixture to the eyelid area with precise strokes. Repeat as necessary.
  • Wait for the Colorloc to dry on the eyelid before fully opening your eyes. To speed up the drying process use a small fan.