Colorloc Glitter Eyeshadow, How To

Colorloc Glitter Eyeshadow, How To

With the right brushes/applicators and practice you can create Glitz and Sparkle eyeshadow effects that will last and wear for hours.

Disposable Sponge Applicator The trick is to use a sponge applicator brush to apply a thin layer of the Colorloc Gel, then dabbing Grl Loose Cosmetic Glitter over it to create an eyeshadow effect.

How to Create a Glitter Eyeshadow with Colorloc
  • Dip the sponge applicator into the Colorloc gel.
  • Press the sponge portion of the applicator on a surface (you can use the back of your hand) to absorb the Colorloc Gel.
  • Apply the Colorloc gel over the eyelid in a thin and precise layer.
  • Then dip the brush with the gel into the Grl Loose Cosmetic glitter of your choice.
  • Now in a dabbing motion, apply the glitter over the Colorloc Gel on the eyelid area, and repeat as necessary.
  • Repeat the process to apply another glitter color.
  • Wait for the Colorloc to dry on the eyelid before fully opening your eyes. To speed up the drying process use a small fan.