Copper Glitter Eyeshadow Sun Rays, 5g

(Per Jar)
Copper Glitter Eyeshadow Sun Rays, 5g

Product Details

Sun Rays is a Copper and white glitter with dazzling green and orange sparkles.

Our ultra-fine loose cosmetic face and body glitter is FUN, versatile and extremely brilliant. Put shimmer and sparkle anywhere you want. You can enhance your look with subtle touches of glitter or go all out with dynamic and intense glitter effects. The JOY is in mixing it with your other products to create new and exciting looks. Our glitters come in an amazing array of colors and sparkles. They are holographic, prismatic, brilliant and most of all, safe to wear on the eyes, face and body.

Ingredients: Loose Cosmetic Glitter, Acrylic Polymer (Plastic) in a 5 Gram Jar with Sifter and Safety Seal wrap.