Dance and Cheer

Dance and Cheer
Basic Makeup Kits Start as low as $22.80

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Dance and Cheer Makeup

Performance makeup, designed for the all-around performer. Whether you're a dancer, cheerleader, or in a dance or cheer squad, makeup plays a very important part. Without the right makeup you cannot obtain the confidence to perform at a higher level.

Custom Cheer and Dance Makeup Kits specializes in creating makeup kits specially designed for cheerleaders, dancers, cheer squads and all-around performers, as well as makeup artists'. Our specialty is creating customized mineral pigments (shimmer powder) and face and body glitter makeup kits. We can customize our makeup kits to inlcude a variety of cosmetics and accessories to enhance your apperance and provide a professional look. All our products are made from quality ingredients and are extremely long lasting.

Our cheer and dance makeup kits include high quality makeup brushes. These brushes allow you to apply makeup more easilly and create professional looks. Choose from a variety of makeup brushes. We carry sable, squirrel, taklon and nylon makeup brushes. We also have the kabuki brush which is a must for any makeup professional!

All Natural Makeup that is Good for your Skin!

We carry 100% pure mineral pigments, also known as shimmer powders, which can be used to create a multitude of makeup applications. You can use these mineral pigments to create eyeshadows, eyeliner, lipstick, blush, highlights and so much more. You got to try them to believe it. Buy your Shimmers here!

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