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SKU: GGL-ER-81 Glow Glitter Lips - Bubblegum Pink

Glow Glitter Lips - Bubblegum Pink
Purchase Glow Glitter Lips - Bubblegum Pink
  • SKU: GGL-ER-81 Glow Glitter Lips - Bubblegum Pink

  • $16.00


These amazing glitter lips are created with our exclusive GL-81 Bubblegum Glitter. This unique glitter creates two distinct and amazing looks. In the daytime it sparkles with subtle bursts of multi-color flakes and a hint of magenta color, while at night it glows neon magenta and creates blue sparkles under black-light. Pair this unique glitter with our COLORLOC adhesive and you got Glow Glitter Lips.

Creating Glow Glitter Lips is easy!

Apply COLORLOC Adhesive

The first step in achieving your perfect sparkly look is to apply your adhesive. Spread on a thin layer of product and allow the COLORLOC to become semi-dry and tacky (approx 20 seconds). Make sure to be precise because wherever the COLORLOC is applied, glitter will stick.

Dab on Glitter

The second and final step (yes its that easy!) is to dab the glitter onto your lips. Choose a brush or your clean fingers and tap the glitter on lightly. You don’t want to rub it on or else the glitter won’t stay on your lips, but rather fly away. Once you have added the amount of glitter to your liking, use a fluff brush to sweep away any stray particles. Now you can show the world that you are a pro when it comes to fashionable lip looks.

Contents: You get a 10g Jar of GL-81 Bubblegum Pink and a COLORLOC Adhesive wand for easy application.