Grl Cosmetics 3pc Glitter Stacks

Grl Cosmetics 3pc Glitter Stacks

Product Details

Amazing 3pc glitter collections created with the most popular cheer colors. Each 3pc stack includes three bold and brilliant glitters. Choose your favorite stack.

These collections have been put together with the most popular glitter colors used by cheer and dance teams. Pick your teams colors.

  • All that Jazz - Glitters: GL-25, GL-32, GL-10.
  • Americana - Glitters: GL-21, GL-11, GL-32.
  • Cheers - Glitters: GL-11, GL-40, GL-10.
  • Dance - Glitters: GL-21, GL-40, GL-10.
  • Flygirl - Glitters: GL-1, GL-43, GL-15.
  • Perfection - Glitters: GL-11, GL-17, GL-10.
  • Pizzazz - Glitters: GL-21, GL-32, GL-10.
  • Pride - Glitters: GL-11, GL-21, GL-10.
  • Showoff - Glitters: GL-3, GL-12, GL-10.
  • Spirit - Glitters: GL-43, GL-15, GL-32.
  • Starstruck - Glitters: GL-15, GL-12, GL-10.
  • Victory - Glitters: GL-43, GL-32, GL-7.