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SKU: GRL-CG12G Cosmetic Glitter, 12 Gram Jar

Cosmetic Glitter, 12 Gram Jar
Purchase Cosmetic Glitter, 12 Gram Jar
  • SKU: GRL-CG12G Cosmetic Glitter, 12 Gram Jar

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Our ultra-fine cosmetic face and body glitter is FUN, versatile and extremely brilliant. Put shimmer and glimmer anywhere you want. You can enhance your look with subtle touches of glitter or go all out with dynamic and intense glitter effects. The JOY is in mixing it with your other products to create new and exciting looks. Our glitters come in an amazing array of colors and sparkles. They are holographic, prismatic, brilliant and most of all, safe to wear on the eyes, face and body.


These cosmetic face and body glitters can be used in many applications. Mix it with your hair gel or mousse to add sparkly and glittery highlights to your hair. Sprinkle or apply it to your wet nail polish for glamour nails. Mix it with lip gloss or lipstick to create glittering lips. Dab some around the lower eyelid and cheek bone for light reflection around your eyes. Mix it with our Colorloc adhesive gel and create striking glitter eyeliner. The possibilities are endless and are only limited by your imagination. So enjoy, have FUN and experiment with these amazing glitters.

Tip: When applying the glitter, make sure to dab it into place over the Colorloc Adhesive Gel. Wait about 1 - 2 minutes to make sure that the gel is dry before fully opening your eyes.


Acrylic Polymer. Net Weight: 12g jar contains 9 grams of glitter. Both jars include sifter to prevent spills.