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SKU: Mardi_Gras_Mask_01 Mardi Gras Mask #1

Mardi Gras Mask #1
Purchase Mardi Gras Mask #1
  • SKU: Mardi_Gras_Mask_01 Mardi Gras Mask #1

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How to Create this Mardi Gras Mask

This glitter mask is created using all of the items in the Mardi Gras Makeup Kit. You can create dozens of masks, limited only by your imagination.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Face Mask
    1. Begin by washing your face to remove any oils, then pat dry.
    2. Dab a cotton swab into the Colorloc gel then dip it into any of your loose glitters and apply to your face, creating the outline of the desired mask. Continue to apply the loose glitter until the desired area is covered. Now Fill-in the mask with different colored glitters.
    • TIP
      • DO NOT dip a used cotton swab into your Colorloc, as it may leave glitter particles in the gel.
      • Use a new cotton swap for each glitter color.
  2. Lips
    1. Apply the glitter gloss to your lips.
    • TIP
      • For a more shimmery and dramatic look, apply additional glitter by dipping the tip of your finger into the desired glitter and dabbing it directly on your lips. Repeat as necessary to get the desired coverage.
  3. Eye Jewel
    1. Apply the eye jewels to any desired area to accentuate your mask.
    • TIP
      • DO NOT apply it over any area that has glitter on it. It will prevent the jewel from properly sticking.
  4. Eyelash
    1. Finally, apply eyelash using the eyelash applicator and glue.
  5. Finish your look by styling your hair and adding any accessories.
Remember to practice.