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Michelle's Diva Look

Michelle's Diva Look

Michelles Makeover #2:

This makeover is very simple to achive. You basically apply a two color glitter eyeliner then finish the look with an eye catching glitter lipstick. This look can be used for many occasions. You can substitute the glitter colors to match any wardrobe, costume or occasion.

Makeover basics: Before applying any makeup, be sure to wash your face and apply an oil-free moisturizer. This will allow the makeup to set more easilly and prevent shine from prespiration.

Duration: 5 Minutes

Items Used:

Basic Dance Kit

  • Colorloc
  • Loose Face and Body Glitters
  • Angled eyeliner Brush
  • Lipstick
  • Blush and Mascara (Optional)

Step 1: Preparing Eyeliner Mixture:

  1. Dip the angled eyeliner brush into the Colorloc gel. Be sure to only dip the bristles.
  2. Then dip the angled eyeliner brush into the loose glitter of your choice. Once again, rember to only dip the bristles into the glitter.
  3. Use the back of your hand as a pallete and place the mixture on it.

TIP: Using the back of your hand as a pallete will speed your effort without having to dip into the gel often.


Step 2: Apply glitter onto eyelid - First Color

  • First apply the glitter using a stroking motion from the inner eye and extending it to the outer eyelid.
  • Then come back and fill-in any areas by dabbing the glitter into place.

TIP: Using your hand as a pallete is a time saver. When your done you simply wipe off any left over mixture.

Step 3: Apply glitter onto eyelid - Second Color

  • Repeat Step 1: for each color of glitter you are using. Remember to wipe off any mixture on the brush before dipping it back into the Colorloc gel.
  • Once again, apply the glitter to the inner part of the eye, using a smooth stroke motion.
  • Then fill-in any areas by dabbing the glitter into place.

TIP: Kee eyes close for approximately one minute to allow mixture to dry and set.

Step 4: Creating Glitter Lips

  1. Apply lipstick, lip gloss or any lip base you prefer.
  2. Dab your index finger into the loose glitter color of your choice (stay away from cool tones, unless it is part of the theme). Then tap it over the lipstick, until desired consistency is achieved.

TIP: The more the better!


Finish off the look

To finish the makeover, apply blush and mascara. For a bolder look, apply some eyelashes.

Now, you are ready for that recital, competition or night out on the town!