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SKU: WSL-GRLCG-5SC Wholesale 5pc Glitter Collections

Wholesale 5pc Glitter Collections
Purchase Wholesale 5pc Glitter Collections
  • SKU: WSL-GRLCG-5SC Wholesale 5pc Glitter Collections

  • $24.75

  • Quantity Price
    1-5 $24.75
    6-11 $21.04
    12-23 $19.80
    24-47 $18.56
    48+ $17.33


Amazing 5pc glitter collections created with the most popular colors. Each 5pc stack includes five bold and brilliant glitters arranged in a unique collection. Choose your favorite stack.

Glitter Collections:

4th of July GL-03, Twilight Sparkle, GL-32, GL-21, GL-83.
Easter GL-06, GL-08, GL-25, GL-29, GL-75.
Fall GL-26, GL-28, GL-30, GL-37, GL-41.
Halloween GL-10, GL-15, GL-20, GL-77, GL-96.
Mardi Gras GL-18, GL-35, GL-39, GL-45, GL-58.
New Year's GL-07, GL-14, GL-16, GL-98, GL-103.
St. Patrick's GL-02, GL-11, GL-23, GL-31, GL-108.
Valentine's GL-12, GL-38, GL-73, GL-81, GL-104.
X-mas GL-25, GL-40, GL-73, GL-74, GL-75.